How Is Gardening Beneficial For Your Children 

There was a time when gardening was considered to be a hobby. Need for healthy activities reckoned it to be healthy activity. Today the pandemic has made it to be the utility of time at home. With children staying back due to lock down a concept has emerged making children part of garden maintenance adelaide for the ultimate benefits. These benefits are vital for the mental and physical maintenance besides being a significant factor in promoting family activities. A review of the benefits to the children will motivate parents to make an effort to involve their children in this healthy activity.

Physical Exertion

The technological development has resulted in the advent of different gadgets including mobiles, laptops, tablets, ipads etc. These gadgets are very popular amongst children as a source of entertainment in leisure.There excessive use  has resulted in addiction and children do not exert physically. Gardening is a complete physical exertion and if children are engaged in it their physical development will be phenominal. An Old saying that a healthy body makes the mind healthy. Mental abilities will obviously increase.

Enhanced Observation Skills

Gardening is an activity which is based on observations. These observations largely depend upon the six senses present in a human being. Gardening increases these skills through observations. A good gardener observes the plants growing through use of eyes, smells the fragrance ato determine their needs of water, fertilizer or pesticides etc.Gazing plants in silence increases the concentration on an object.

Closeness to Nature

A child engaged in gardening gets close to nature. He observes climatic changes in context of the plants. Rain its timing , Sunshine its intensity for the plants, storms, wild winds .He is trained to predict their occurrence and is thus able to know more about climatic conditions.

A gardener is always concerned to protect the plants from disasters. He is trained to water the plants and understands the importance of water as life blood for the plants. He learns how to feed. He learns how to nurture and grow the plants.This will inculcate thoughtfulness for human beings.


Children should develop closeness to soil if humility in them is to be promoted. Closeness to the soil increases the level of immunity. Humbleness and submission to the gift of nature grooms the child. He learns to make efforts and pray for results. He becomes aware of the fact that conducive weather, and inputs are necessary but results need a lot of prayers. This develops in the child’s humility.

Support for Parents

The children who assist the parents in gardening develop a feeling to help their parents in their endeavors.They learn to help their parents increasing family bond and closeness. They learn to assume responsibility in the absence of their parents grooming them to shoulder higher responsibilities.

Good gardening, reaping flowers, vegetables or fruits; these are enjoyed as a unit. Art of sharing efforts and results develops maturity. Giving credit to others and assuming responsibility for any shortcoming is a positive attribute  in human development.