Insight to Complying Development

Complying development is approved for straightforward development fast-tracked by the council or any accredited certifier, and it does not require building and planning approval. It applies to residential home improvements, commercial renovations, or industrial development that allow additional structures added to the existing infrastructure. It involves adding new dwellings, altering existing facilities, or demolition of a building to change its use.

How to get a complying approval and when to us complying development

Approvals that fall under fast-track complying development in Sydney goes through within a limited number of days. It usually takes at least 20 days to get a complying result approved. Homeowners can save a lot of money when constructing a house under complying with development approval or renovating.

Use complying development when you want to undertake some minor construction works at your home, commercial building, or industrial structures. If you’re going to perform minor changes to systems without requiring development approval, complying with development is the way to go. In some contexts, you can refer to the complying product as exempt development. You will find the two terms used interchangeably. As long as what you are constructing has a low impact on the main development plan, you can use the complying development path to get your papers approved quickly and at a lower price.

But to an extent, complying development may generally cover larger building works that require a professional to certify before commencing. Complying development requires approval subject to the environment to protect neighbouring structures during the construction duration and through the entire complying development.

Fast-tracked exempt and complying developments allow homeowners, commercial and industrial developers to save on cost and receive consent within a few days of application. A typical building plan approval takes up to 70 days to go through the bureaucracies that exist. Still, a complying or exempt development takes at least 20 days to go through the process successfully. A fast-tracked application process means many savings for those seeking to undertake minor constructions and renovation in their existing structures.

You can view exempt and complying development standards under the state policy for complying development on their website for more details.

Housing codes

Low rise to medium house code allows one or two stories, plus other minor developments under the fast-track complying development. The code was enacted to meet different needs for homeowners and to ensure affordability for individual residential owners. It is part of the government policy and commitment to facilitate faster approvals to accommodate the growing demand for housing in the new changing demographics. These new codes have clear rules with explanatory diagrams so that anybody legible to construct a home or a building under complying development can understand all the prerequisites beforehand.

The housing and planning department provides free information and planning tools for anyone planning a minor construction or renovation. If you plan your new garage, a shed, or something else that does not require planning and building approval, you better access online tools provided by the government to serve you throughout the process. These online tools will help you get started with the whole process without the need for you to visit the council’s planning department in person. You can lodge and track your application through the online portal until the approval stage without stepping at the council’s planning department in person.