The framing is composed of various elements

Considered by many as a fundamental factor, if not the only evaluation element, it is the visual result. Given by the perfect union of distinct elements such as frame and passe-partout that expertly evaluated in shape and color merge into perfect visual harmony. What is beautiful is not beautiful, but what you like is beautiful …

Aesthetics are obviously subjective, styles, colors and materials can be combined in many different ways. Without prejudice to some absolute concepts of proportions and good taste, you can express your creativity in complete freedom, in the frame, in the passe-partout or in the assembly. The knowledge of the theories of visual perception are not indispensable, but they can help a lot in the choice of the chromatic combinations.

Conservation: In
addition to enhancing the subject’s aesthetics, framing also has a conservative function.This aspect, although very important, on the national territory, contrary to what happens abroad, is often overlooked, if not completely ignored.Conservative framing involves the use by the framer of particular techniques and materials, which protect and preserve the subject, guaranteeing its reversibility in its original state.

Among the main materials of conservative framing there are acid-free passepartouts, glass with UV filter, glues and reversible tapes. Each subject has a particular value, which deserves to be preserved over time. Value that can be economic, historical or emotional. In our laboratories we take a lot of consideration into the conservative aspect of framing, we invest a lot of time and energy in the research and study of conservative techniques and materials.

The frame:
Normally made of wood, it can be found in various essences and more or less precious finishes.Linear and essential frames are recommended to give the frame a modern and contemporary style. The color of the frame can pick up a shade of the subject, the advice is to try to create the combination with a background color or in any case evenly distributed, to avoid chromatically unbalancing the work. Classic gold / silver finishes or neutral shades are easier to match than color.